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Below, you will find all our news from the previous version of the website.

Please, be patient and forgive long loading times.



I thought that 2015 successes were already past us, but in 2016 it turned out that Kopiko Shepter ranked 3rd (out of 26 teams)

 in the Polish Obedience Cup 2015 in class 2


Li's video from the competition:






In our friend's kennel (Czech Republic) one black girl with a long tail is looking for a sporty house.

Both parents are super fast agility dogs (Mommy is medium, Daddy is large)










The agility and obedience season 2015 has come to an end :)

At the compettion on 13.12.2015 we achieved the following successes :) :


Bekon: Promotion to class 3 in Obedience

Lia: Promotion to class 1 in Obedience

Li's debut brough us also the 1st place in class 0 :)


Summary 2015


Champion of Veterans



- Agility 3

-Obedience 3, Polish Obedience Vice-Champion 2015, 4 times on the podium



Obedience 1


We are looking forward to see what 2016 has in store for us <3



 Kopiko Shepter - Mudi - Polish Obedience Vice-Champion 2015 :D

On 17 October at a competition in Gdynia Kopiko attained

one of the most important obedience titles in Poland :)



video from the competition :)






September full of successes ;)


Kopiko Shepter loves the podium and the podium loves Kopiko in Obedience class 2 ;)

Gamratka: 3rd place out of 7 dogs

Rzeszów: 2nd place out of 10 dogs


Kali is winning hearts of judges at dogshows in Veteran class:

at an internatonial, a national and a club dogshow

she gained 3 Best Veteran titles, thus becoming Polish Veteran Champion!!!


Li also made an appearance at dogshows and so far she's got 2 "legs" of 3 to become a breedable female










On 5 June Kopiko took 3rd place in class 2 at obedience competition.

Sooo proud: 36 degrees in the shadow and Kopiko was working with admirable commitment.

 During the exercises and between them he was 100% involved <3


Litlle Lia has got her first birthday video ever Link below:)


LI (isds), currently LI Shepter is now oficially an FCI registered dog; soon the ISDS BC will start conquering

 the show ring with her working silhouette :D 






On 1 March, Kopiko took 2nd place in A2,

thus completing the requirements to move to A3 :)


Now Kopiko is enthusiastically focusing on Obedience :)





In mid-January we went to Czech to an agility competition again
Kopiko was


We spend the 6th of December 2012 at an agility competition in Czech,

where Kopiko managed to take the 1st place in A2


The little BC keeps growing, so far nothing has changed, she is as sociable and eager to work as before
And with nice herding instincts





KaBUKI Banka Shepter

Tosca Nati Buki




On Autumn Rally-O competition:

Kali took 2nd place in class 3

Raja took  3rd place in class 3


2 weeks later we went to the seaside to an agility competition, where Kopiko got

3rd place in A2 and 3rd place in Tuneliada Open.




A month ago, completely by accident, a young ISDS border collie girl appeared for a while in my home. Lovely, smart, with excellent drive.

My future dog plans were a bit different (meaning that they were well-thought ;) ), but the little BC has changed everything so much that I just couldn't let her go :)

So now it's the time to introduce my new non-mudi family member:)


Lia vel Li





and here is something for people who think that obedience isn't fun :D



Last, but not least, Kiki, Kali's sister, has become Agility World Champion.

 This is as far as you can go :) Big congratulations!



We spent the last weekend of June at a Rally-O competition.

Kopiko debuted in class 3, thus joining Raja & Kali.

Raja took the 2nd place and Kopiko the 3rd one :)


and some photos from the previous Obedience competition




We are sharing the latest Kopiko's achievement.

14.06 Kopiko moved to class 2 in Obedience.

He took 3rd place with an excellent (270.5/280 pts) :)



It was a busy week with the most awesome Mudi


KOPIKO Shepter got:
2/14 in OBI 1, excellent, 262.5/280
1st & 2nd place in Agility (we already have 2 legs :D   Duży uśmiech, śmiech, cieszyć się jak dziecko.)

We started Saturday with an Obedience competition. Right after our start we got into the car and drove 300 km to finish the day with an agility competition.
I have always wanted to do such a 'combo', I only needed to wait for the right dog who could pull it out with a smile on his face.
#proud of the tallented Mudi !



We spent 18 May in Lodz at a Rally-O competition

Raja, Kali and Kopiko got excellent marks.

additionally, Raja & Kali got promotions to class 3 :)




Kopiko may boast new successes :) In a week's time he got promoted to class 2 in agility

and qualified to ELITA AGILITY 2014 :)



1st place in A1

3rd place in A1



1st place in A1


Welcome A2 :D


Such perfect dogs are really rare ♥

I hope that one day I will hold Kopiko's puppy in my arms, who will proudly represent best Mudi lines :)





Previous video of Kopiko from an Obedience competition in Długa Kościelna.

Thanks to klubobedience.pl for the photos of my Mudi :)









On Obedience competition in class 0, Kopiko took place 1/10 with an excellent, and gained promotion to class 1.

 He also won a special prize for the best performance in all classes :)

Kopiko did a great job not only as a sport dog but also as a friend who supported me with his confidence when I was being eaten by stress :)




Kopikowy slalom, pierwszy raz w obidiensowym boxie  powrót do zmian z nieruchomym tyłem oraz praca nad skrętami:

Czyli jak spędzamy jesień : )





The puppies from “K” litter celebrated their 3^rd birthday. All the best to the whole trio of crazy devilish Mudies :)

Kabuki celebrated her birthday on her way to SA to participate in Agility World Championship as a representative of Austria :)
Keep your fingers crossed for Nathalie and Buki.
We are keeping ours as hard as we can




Another successful Rally-O competition for us.

Raja, Kali and Kopiko had got "excellents" in Class 2. What's more, Kopiko had a very nice debut in Class 2, which culminated in taking the 2nd place :)

My girls need only one "leg" more to move to Class 3 :)

Below you'll find a link to the video from Rally-O competition:




and the photo of Kopiko with the cup for taking the 2nd place :)


On agility training competition, Kopiko took 3rd place in Jumping.

Below, there are some awesome pictures of my Kopiko "Black Arrow" :)





Summer 2013 holiday proved very enjoyable for our dogs. Swimming, long walks, playing with other dogs, fetching the ball and frisbee, agility and a tiny bit of obedience - basically the same we practice all year round but a much higher dose :)
During the last days of summer holiday, Kopiko trained some agility at a camp with Polona Bonac and a seminar with Juha Orenius.
Below you can find some beautiful pictures, courtesy of Martyna Strojna, Zuzanna Łada, Katarzyna Stanke and Przemek Magdziarz as well as a video from the camp with Polona.



King of tight turns and ballmaniac presents:





I'm very grateful for beautiful pictures and wonderful memories ♥





On 2-3.08 we were on the dogshow in Druskininkai, Lithuania, where my Kali & Kopiko copleteted their Lithuanian Champions,

while Kopiko additionally met the requirements for the INTERCHAMPION title :)


Thus, my beautiful Mudis finished their dogshow careers and can boast the following titles:




Lithuanian Champion

Polish Champion

Junior Champion

Poland Winner

Club Winner

Junior Club Winner






Lithuanian Champion

Slovakian Champion

Polish Champion

Junior Champion

Poland Winner

Club Winner







Raja & Kopiko went to ECG workshop

Both have healthy and sport hearts :)

"Buki" Kabuki Banka Shepter has been X-rayed for dysplasia. The result:  HD A :)


Raja's obedience competition class 2, 2nd place

Kopiko'sobedience competition class 0, 4th place



Photos from a children party


Buki agility: Kopiko frisbee:

Kali & Kopiko

(mom & son)




Parents of the K-Litter

Credo BestMudi & Irhaberki Bubos Banka





"Buki" KABUKI BANKA Shepter- daugther of "Kali" Irhaberki BUBOS BANKA x CREDO BestMudi
has qualified to AGILITY WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 Team Run :D
She is 2.5 years old, which makes it a really great achievement !

Big congratulation To Nathalie Kafka and Buki ♥

I'm mega proud and extremely happy
Such a young amazing mudi girl in amazing hands - MudiPower- Hajra Mudi :D

Ii is a really nice feeling to know that I was a part of creating so totally talented and unique mudi littter... Shepter K-litter :)
But the best feeling is that I can contribute (even a little) to someone's happiness :) Cheers Nathalie





2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a Rally-O seminar in Czech.

The place we visited was peaceful and, you could say, perfect for our purpose. The weather was also quite enjoyable :)

I couldn't have hoped for better particiapnts in the seminar :) Open-minded, cheerful, having great relations with their dogs.

We finished with a small unofficial Rally-O competition for the participants. 

Everything went really well - not only did every team pass the competition stylishly, but they also achieved great times :)

The next day, an Agility seminar, in which I had a chance to participate, took place.

Great thanks to Barbara Sajdoková for a wonderful weekend ♥


I will upload some photos from that weekend soon. For starters, a photo of 3 gnerations: son, father and grand father...  Let me just add, maybe a bit immodestly, but truthfully:

Kopiko, Credo and Csoki - this line of 3 generations of dogs is a quintesence of stable mind, great temper and personality, self-confidence and openess towards the world and people.

All three of them are not only magnificent sport dogs but also trouble-free companions in everyday life.

It is a privilege to be blessed with a dog which is not only perfect, but also has so splendid family roots  :)


(from the left) Kopiko Credo Shepter - Credo BestMudi - "Csoki" Méhes-Kérti Arasz




One dog (currently5 weeks old) in the Irhaberki kennel is looking for owner. A few words from the breeder :

Irhaberki Kicsi Kormos, 5 weeks old, black NBT male with great drive available for sport home.

I wanted to keep him co-owned for breeding but his bite is not scrissors right now.

Perfect drive, good nerves, open personality, high motivation level, promising size;)




ponizej video z ostatnich zawodow rally-O oraz video z treningowych zawodow agility dla "przyjaciela"

oraz portrety zdj agilitowe i owieczkowe mojego KKR trio :)





Agility - Kopiko











22.04 na zawodach Rally-O w Starych Babicach


Kopiko 200/210 - awansował do klasy 2

Raja - lokota 1

Kali - lokata 3


Przepiękne pucharki Rajki i Kali z imprezy DogGames ♥





16.03 we were on a Rally-O competition in Warsaw

Kali and Raja went to the class 2.

and my youngest precious Kopiko took the 2nd place out of 33 dogs !!!


Kopiko 210/210 pts. (2nd place)

Raja 210/210 pts. (4th place)

Kali 209/210 pts.


below is the video of Kopiko from the Rally-O course and a group photo from the competition:)


An video from Kabuki's agility competition. Just look at her awesomely fast zones :)





On the doghsow in Slovakia, Kali gave me a wonderful birthday gift,

becoming the Slovakian Champion



On this beautiful day I have also had the opprtunity to see Kali's other son - K-Paxa

The boy is very similar to his mommy; he inherited not only her intelligence and beauty - those cute little ears - but also her temperament. ADHD would be an understatement :)

K-pax has scissors bite and standard 47 cm

He is a very sociable dog and, like all the puppies from the litter, he is very freindly towards people, what makes me very happy




Sport Videos of Kopiko and Kabuki:

Kopiko agility training February

tunnel-dogwalk-tunnel discrimination

Kopiko agility training January    
Kopiko obedience - beginnings with static front  

Germany friendly version:



KaBuki agility 1st place






Kali  has won the Obedience Breed Cup 2012 in the Mudi breed.

Pictures of Kali with a beautiful rosette showing the portrait of Kali :)

Big thanks to Urszula Charytonik, Lintanorie kennel,

for sponsoring the reward ♥

It is these 'small' gestures, which give you the greatest joy :)

-   THANK YOU   -


Some time ago we received the Polish champion title certificate

and now

Kopiko oficially is the Polish Champion


And, last but not least, some Mudi mathematics ;) True Story :)



Awesome Kabuki won run in a A2 exam


2 new agility videos of Kopiko



new picture of K-pax

and some pictures of Raja, Kali and Kopiko as well :)




NEWS 2012





Ania Tomek & Kopiko Raja Kali



Credo BestMudi passed BH


Kabuki Banka Shepter goes to A2 !

and take first place at A1 exam. My Congratulations :)




Some boys in Wartownik Wiatru are still aviable.




08.12 We were on a Rally-O competition and my dogs surprised me by taking,

for 25 starting dogs, the following positions:

1st place (210/210pts) - Kali
2nd place(210/210pts) - Kopiko
3rd place (210/210pts) - Raja

The entire trio did extremely well!
However, I am the most proud of Kopiko;

my youngest precious has no experience, we have been training for just a month, and he has already started showing

how great dog he is, not only at home but also at competitons  :)




1st "serious" Kopiko's video from Obedience training :)





Sport results:


Kabuki Banka Shepter got 1st place in A1


Dog Show Result:


Kopiko Credo Shepter in Poznań

1st place, excellent

Poland Winner, BOB, CACIB


At this show Kopiko Finished his

Champion PL

Summary from dog show in Lodz and Poznan.




New video of Kali obedience retrieving.

"My little star" 4 days after making of this video finished learning how to do a complete obedience retrieving :D




At the beginning of this big update I wanted to congratulate Kali and Kopiko's family their
 succesful runs at Agility World Championship.  


Safi (Kopiko's grandmather) took the 4th place in JO individual
Kiki (Kali's sister and Kopiko's aunt) took 4th place in AO individual
and together with the Czech team - the 1st place, gaining the World  Winner Czech medium team on Agility World Championship 2012
Huge cogratulations once more !!!


~~ * ~~


K-litter puppies have recently 2 years;

Happy Birthday to KOPIKO, K-PAX and KABUKI


~~ * ~~

On her first Rally-O competition Kali has taken the 1st place for 14 dogs with the maximal possible number of points


~~ * ~~

On 23 September, at the Sheepdogs of Non-Polish Breeds Club Show

Kopiko has gained the Club Winner 2012 and BOB titles.

We were judged by Mrs. Kocembra, who liked the descendant of Kali very much.

Apart from the canonade of compliments to Kopiko, we have also got the most beautiful cup in the entrie ring

We are very grateful for this distinction, it was very nice:)

 link do filmiku z wystawy

~~ * ~~

Apart from dogshow achievements we are also doign very well in other fields.

On agility competitions Kopiko regularly reaches the podium with very nice times of runs :)

Let me ivite you to the newly created page: SUCCESSES

So far we habe been participating only in jumpings, but learning the zones is also progressing nicely.

In September we were on an agility competition, where Kopiko took 3rd and 4th places in J0 :) With speed again more than 5m/s   :D

LInk do flmiku z zawodów


~~ * ~~


Buki passed BH test - congratulations :)

Kali and Credo's daughter has also achieved her first agility successes.

Kabuki took the 1st place in JO

and the 4th in AO + JO :)

Agility pictures of Kabuki have been also added to her gallery

and a beatufil portrait as an apéritif :)

Below you will find some links to agility vieos of the little torpedo

Linki do filmików



And, last but not least, a cute video of the most crazy mudi girl.

Or, craziness of the 7-week old Buki :D






Raja got 1st place in class 2 at obedience competition in Warsaw

here you have a short movie


At agility competition Kabuki and Nathalie had their first clear run :)




Kopiko's newest agility training video



At CACIB Dogshow in Warsaw Kopiko got

BOB, CACIB, CAC with excellent mark



 On agility competition "Top Agility Dog"  Kopiko got 4 place in J0 with speed 5,09m/s



Lots of pictures of  Kali's daugther Kabuki


Kabuki's video from her first agility competition





New photos of  the father of K-Litter Credo


And fresh successes of Credo at agility cmpetition in Probluz 8.5.2012 :


A + J  1st place

Agility 3rd place

Jumping 3rd place

LA1 1st place - moved to A2




Mudi Litter in Polish kennel Wartownik Wiatru is scheduled on 2012




Raja's video from obi competition Kopiko's video from his first agility competition




03.05 On agility competition in Mińsk Maz.

Kopiko got 3 place in J0 - best time


28.04 On obedience competition in Rzeszów

 Kali  got 2nd place with execellent in class 0 - moved to obi 1

Raja got  6 place with excellent in class 1 - moved to obi  2




In this weekend me and kopiko were on his first agility comeptition in Rzeszów

 I'm very proud of my little star...

he got 2nd place in J0 with great speed  5.74 m/s :)




On the 1st of April on the National Dogshow in Legionowo my mudis got:


Kali: CAC, Best Female

Kopiko: CAC, Best Male, BOB


Thus, Kopiko started his adult Polish championship.

When son wins with his mother (and such a beautiful one ;) ) this is the greatest joy for the breeder :D


At the end of March, Kunia and Tomek had the pleasure to run agility for the first time. Given the fact that Kali had a half-year break and Tomek is not really experienced in agility, they did pretty well. Check yourself:


Agility video Kali & Tomek



New K-Pax's pictures



and new agility photos of Kopiko



Kabuki "dry-training" 2on2off :)





New agility and obi videos of Kali's progeny :) and a video of my "holy trio" with a really big ball  :)


Kopiko Agility

Kabuki Agility

Kali, Kopiś i Raja position in walk :)
Kabuki home-obi




The movie of our (me with Kopiko) first seminar with Antonin Grygar :)






Merry Christmas


a Happy New Year


Ania & Tomek and Raja &Kali & Kopiko









We've been on an agility seminar with A. Grygar.
We'll present a video soon.
Raja, Kali and Kopiko had an honour of participating in a photo session with a well-known Polish actor – Bogusław Linda :D
A new video of Kali and her daughter Kabuki. What can I say: Like mother, like daughter :D or two little crazy girls




New video - Kali & Kopiko obedience




Kali in a dog magazine :)





 On Saturday we were an agility competition where


Raja took:

  JO -  3 place


Kali took:

 A2 - 1 place


 A2 - 1 place


At this competition Kali advanced to A3 :D



K-Litter puppies are 1 year old already :)








Kabuki passed WHFS (Wiener Hundeführschein)

that is "a well behaved Viennese citizen test" :)


Kali took 2nd place in A2 egzam on agility competition in Warsaw


Photos of Raja Kali and Kopiko together in the gallery :)



Club dog show Łódź 18.09.2011
KOPIKO CREDO Shepter: Youth Club Winner, Best Junior, BOB
On this show Kopiko also finished Polish Junior Champion

We didn't even dream about it:
judge: Joanna Adamowska PL


 On CAC dog show in Warsaw Kopiko got tittle: Best Junior and BOB


2 Agility videos of Kopiko:

11 months:


10 months:




New video of Kopiko (6-9 months):

 Mix of agility obedience and frisbee interleaved with some free running, swimming etc :)

Another link to the same video



 Raja Obedience - trying to achieve perfection - sometimes worse means better :)



In free time I have found some old Rajas stuff :)

"Good old days" - The Best Raja's time results at agility comeptitions:

6,01 - 5,97 - 5,19 - 5,00 (m/s)

- my speedy girl -


 An old video from 2006 where we had been training almost for 3 months

Raja's speed is inversely proportional to my tempo of giving reward :D


Raja agility 2006





23.07 Kopiko passed Herding Instinct Test :D




 Kali Obedience






new trick


Agility video of Credo BestMudi - father of K-Litter :)


video 1

video 2



 Today, on a CACIB dogshow in Warsaw, Kopiko was awarded with the following titles:

 Junior Winner , BOB


video from dogshow :)




 Kali learning the obedience command "box" :)





Big thanks to Ola who took beutiful pictures and rec movies...

Enjoy watching agility video of 6 months old Kopiko :)





On agility competition in Warsaw Kali took:

A2 - 1st place

A2 - 3rd place



   Current pictures of K-Pax. The boy has grown up beautifully - see it for yourself! :)

Click pictures to see more


2 new videos of skillful Kabuki :D








Kopi's video during agility training in a puppy group. My golden boy was precisely 5 months old.

Enjoy watching :)




 The first Agility photos of Kopiko - credits go to Ola :)

Click photo to see more


Kabuki's running contacts



 Happy Easter  :)



 On his first show in Legionowo, Kopiko got Very Promising in puppy class.  Once again, I am very proud of my little boy. He is a perfect dog with positive attitudc towards being on a dogshow. He was calm, when staying with my friends; very outgoing to all the people and keen on hugging with everyone who was having food or just sitting or kneeling. All such people are potential candidates to became new family members :) Great dog, who finds it completely normal to drink from the same bowl together with a newly-met dog etc. Below, I have added his first description by the judge Piotr Król :)


"Typical, perfect hair, nice head, prick ears of perfect shape, nice personality, well presented both in static and in movement."



 On agility competition in Warsaw Raja took:

A3 - 2nd place

A3 - 3rd place

Kali, for a change, had 2 beautiful dis  :)




All the best for all K-litter puppies on the 6th month of their lifes :)


Currently, Kabuki is 36 cm, while Kopi is 46 - who would've thought they are siblings ;)

 Pictures of my 6 months old sweet boy in the aussies' gallery :)


Kopiko 6 month



Last weekend me and Kopiko were in the Czech republick, where we had the pleasure to meet Barbara and Milan as well as Safi and Csoki (the grandparents of K-Litter)


Safi & Csoki & Kopiko



 The new pictures of Kopiko & Kali and a few Scottish-Mudi's photos :)


Kabuki's first running contacts lesson :)




Group pictures of K-Litter 


Kopiko K-Pax Kabuki


and video of sweet Kopiko  :)


!!!   Link for this video on photobucket   !!!



The puppies spent this Christmas Eve already in new homes :)

We want to wish them many new fascinating experiences and lots of joy to their owners.

K-Pax' and Kabuki's photos with owners :)

and collective pictures  with daddy :D


The Shepter Kennel started the New Year with a series of successes ;)

On the New Year's Eve agility competition in Supraśl:

 Raja advanced to A3

and Kali to A2

(full results soon :) )


A video of 9 weeks old puppies:  Kabuki & Kopiko present :)





Time passes so quickly... On the last Sunday K-Pax went to his new home :) and Kabbuki will leave to Austria next week.

Kopiko (Opi)  - the future proud of shepter kennel - stays with us  !!!   :D


Weight & height of 7 weeks old puppies  :)  

  Weight  (kg) Height (cm)
Kopiko 3.45 26.5
K-Pax 3.05 25
Kabuki 2.25 22.5




The video of 5 weeks old puppies who show their sport predispositions :)





Today puppies started their 5th week :)

Both boys weight more than 2 kg :)

Little mudis were also measured:

Boys are 20 cm high and girls is 17 cm :)

Collective photos of little shepters



Late mudi pics :)

Red Boy White  Boy Yellow Girl


Halloween photosession of puppies :D


 Mudi puppies 3,5 weeks



Some changes in the "Puppies" section

From now on, little Shepters have their own individual galleries :)

Red Boy

White Boy

Yellow Girl

   That photo-session could be conducted thanks to the puppies from K-Litter ;) and little Jaguar from Jana,

which is favourite of all the puppies, THANK YOU :)

Collective photos of puppies (with Jaguar) soon :)



The video of the fist 24 hours of puppies:

Enjoy :)



Today all mudi-kids opened their eyes :D

All of them doubled their weights and now they weigh:  RED: 708, WHITE: 676, Yellow: 616

 Pictures of "little Shepters" from 2 days ago :)



 !!!  WE HAVE PUPPIES  !!!

First Shepter-puppies came into the world on 08.10 :D

It took only 1 hour and 10 minutes for three black pups to show up :D   They are healthy and very active.

And the fulfilled mother is looking after her babies with proud and happiness :)


 Boy - Red ribbon Boy - White ribbon Girl - Yellow ribbon


Three days ago, Agility World Championship finished

So many great runs that kept us anxious to see the results till the end :)

All mudis' runs were amazing and realy worth looking at; additionally Safirka and Kiki (Czech team) achieved the 2nd place in team jumping :)

Safi finished individual jumping with the 2nd place (5.61 m/s)  and in individual agiliy with 5 pts she was the fastest dog  -  31.87s :D

Huge congratulations to all winners, the big and small ones alike :D



 Agility World Championship is starting :)

Kali's Sister - Irhaberki CSIMOTA KIKI (Kiki) and the grandmather of puppies - Gonduzo-Alkonyat ZAFÍR BOGÁRKA (Safirka) take part in it.

So please keep your fingers crossed with us for both girls  :D :D



A Few days ago we had a pleasure to spend some great time with Satu and Rauno :) - owners of Kali's family.

Let me invite you to watching pictures from a walk with the multi-mudi company :)

2 photos to encourage you:

Nova-siter, Leo-brother, Vili (from Kilvan kennel) and of course Kali :D




The time for autumn-cleaning has come ;)  it means  adding a few unadded videos from YT to Kalis video gallery. :)

In about two weeks time, Kali will be able to take care of and play with her children just as on those videos recovered from the depths of YT.


6 months Kali and  Border Collie litters


We just came back from the USG  where

doctor saw minimum 3 little mudi guys :)

on the picture there are 2 pupps


We came back from the Czech Republic - we hope that was fruitful

The kids did very well. Kali turned out to be ‘easy’ and Credo knew exactly what to do

Once again Credo convinced me that he was a great choice.

He is the best Mudi-male I have ever seen. Crazy however not overactive.

Confident boy without any sign of aggression or nervousness  Perfect balance between activeness and stability.

 Moreover he is excellent in work with the people.


In the photo gallery you will find pictures from the mating of Kali & Credo and some pics from the trip.

And short video showing Kali and Credo's flirt



And after about 3 weeks there will be an USG :)



added a few agility photos of  Raja  &  Kali


  On my name-day Kali suprised me by starting her season earlier :)

Therefore tomorrow we are going to Jana & Credo :)

Keep your fingfers crossed  :D



New video of Kali with frisbee




  Links to very importand Mudi-webpages were added

Mudi epilepsy project

Mudi Lexikon

Mudi compass


In KLAN NIEZALEŻNYCH, our friend's kennel,  3 Scottish terriers were born (2 females & 1 male)



After a few months of waiting finally we got Kali’s Interchampion Certificate :)


On Agility competition in Warsaw Raja took

3rd place in AO

2nd place in A2


Me and my dogs had pleasure be guests in a kindergarten and primary school,

 where we gave the lecture about “safe contact with dogs” which was followed by a show of dog tricks :)






2-3.05.2010  On Agality competition in Bydgoszcz Raja took 2nd place in AO+JO
09-05.2010 On Agality competition in Olsztyn Raja took 1st and 2nd place in A2 

Kali and Raja’s photos from Agility:
(click photo)

Photobucket   Photobucket

Raja's video from agility competition in Olsztyn:


28.3.2010 Credik visited Poland :)  where on the dogshow in Katowice he got excellent Mark and CWC, CACIB, BOB titles. 2 weeks later on the dogshow in Germany he got V1, CAC, VDH, CAC KFUH, CACOB, BOB :)



We were in Płock on agility competitions last week, where

Kali got 2nd place in A1

Raja got 3rd place in AO and 4th place in JO (for 54 dogs)



 New video of Kali & Raja from agility show on Torwar 2010




New link to the page of  Pip & Söri



We added new link to Norway kennel  Sigerdriva



Litter's inbreeding coefficient for 10 generations  has been counted:    COI=8,6%

Winter photos of Raja & Kali :


On the 2xCACIB in Brno Credo finished Czech Championship - Congratualtions :D:D:D

 New Photos  of hadsome Credo :D





Information about granpartents ( wich I am very proud of ) has been added in puppies section.



On 19-20.12.09, on the International dogshow in Vilnus, Kali got

2xBOB, 2xCACiB, taking the 1st place with excellent marks twice.

 On the first day of the show Kali completed the last requirement for an Interchampion.





We added new link to Czech kennel  Pumida


We added new link to Finnish kennel  Kilvan



Kali's new health results:

PRA/CEA -neg.

Cataract - neg.



Autumn gallery of  Kali Raja


On the World Dog Show in Bratislava:

 Kali got 2nd place with an excellent and r.CAC

Kali's fiance - Credo got 1st place with an excellent and CAC,thus finishing Slovakian Champion title.

Photos from the Show:



3-4.10  On Agility competitions in Warsaw Raja & Kali took



A2 - 2nd place

A2 - 1st place



A0+J0 - 1st place

J0 - 2nd place

J0 - 2nd place

A0 - 1st place



 Kali's new photos



 CREDO BestMudi has been choosen for the father of the future puppies

More info about the litter and Credik You can find in the PUPPIES section



A link to  Credo(Mudi) & Bady(Golden)  site has been added


Photos from Bratislava:

click photo

Kali & Credo



 Raja's photos from recent agility competitions in Sopot



15-16 on 2xCACIB in Bratislava Kali got:

2xBOB, 2xCACIB, 2xCAC, ...more



8-9 on Agility competition in Sopot Raja took:


1st place in AO +JO

  2nd place in A1 exam - achieving last "step" to A2

2nd place in JO

Check the video:



Kali's new health results 

HD:  A

ED: 0/0



 Kalis pedigree has been updated with pictures



 On the CACIB dog show in Warsaw  Kali got following titles:





 4-5.07 During Polish Cup Agility in Zabrze Raja took:


 1st place w A1

2nd place w JO

3rd place w AO+JO



A link to BestMudi kennel has been added



 An album with  Kali & Raja's  document has been created.

Courently we have the following docs:

Certificate of Polish Champion, Certificate of Junior Polish Champion and (good) Cardiac ECHO   :D



  New Photos of  Kali & Raja

Spring - wiosna 2009




A link to Mustapippurin kennel has been added

Raja's video from the recent obedience competition in Slomczyn





Thanks to PLUSZ's kindness we present Raja's videos from the last competition in Lodz




 Due to the confirmation of our kennel's names by FCI, our Hungarian Shepherd Mudi Kennel is glad to welcome You under the new adress




Kali & 2on2off




On Sunday Agility competition

 Kali took  3rd  place in A0 and 3rd in J0

Raja took 1st place in JO


Both bitches had their height formally written to agility workbooks:

Kali - 41 cm

Raja - 63 cm



Raja got 2nd place(98/100, on 28 dogs) in Obedience competitions (class 0) in Warsaw



 Kali's fresh spring photos

Click Foto



On the CAC  dogshow in Nowy Dwor Mazoweicki, Kali finished her  POLISH CHAMPION  title

by achieving 1st place and excellent grade plus following titles: CAC, BOB, BABoB fresh spring photos



Kali during weaves lesson:




As every year Agility club FORT had pleasure to present agility show

during EQUISPORT World Cup 2009




Kali's video section & Raja's video section  have been opened



 Raja's old videos & family picture - still in winter surrounding









New fotos in Winter gallery




  Winter gallery

Click photo



!!!   01.01.2009  !!!


 Our 1st video in  THE  NEW  YEAR    :D





In November Kali visited  Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw

where she "illustrated" the lecture in Zoopsychology class

about classical conditioning, behaviorism, etc


More pictures in Gallery below :) 

Click photo


Kali & frisbee - first pro steps  ;)

Thx to Agnieszka who was teaching Kali 

New Kali's video :)


Yesterday on the International Dog Show in Poznan

Kali got her first CACIB :) and titles: Poland winner, BOB, BABoB, CAC

Autumn gallery

Click photo

Kali's pictures from the European Dog Show in Budapest, Hungary

Click photo


05. 10 European Dog Show Budapest, Hungary
Kali got 2nd place,  r.CAC plus
an Excellent mark

04.10 on the Club show in Budapest
Kali got 2nd place with
an Exce
llent mark


21.09On the Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs Club Show (except Swiss Cattle Dogs and Polish Breeds) Kali got
CAC, BABoB and  Club Winner  title


13.09 On the CAC Dog Show in Warsaw Kali got BOB, BABoB and her first CAC
On Agility Competition in Kozienice, Raya got 2nd place in A1 class.

and ...
overdue photos of Obedience Competition in Warsaw.

Click photo



Raya's debut on the Obedience Competiotion in Warsaw :
 Raya took the 2nd place achieving an excellent mark (95/100)
from this competiotion can be seen HERE  :D


Few new Kali's photos in her Gallery  - album July


The picture of Kali's Junior Championship of Poland has been added :D:D:D


 Raya's childhood pictures which can be seen in the Gallery have been added


 Raya's Family added 


Kali's Gallery added 


Kali's littermates section has been created
together with sub-sites of Kali's mother  and father  


 The present for Kali's 1st birthday
Start of Kali & Raya's website
 www. k-i-r.ovh.org





Kopiko Credo Shepter




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl., Ch.Lt.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 3

R-O 3

HIT (Sheep)

V-Ch Obedience Pl

PP Obedience 3rd


HD, ED: A, 0/0



Bubos Banka




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl.,

Ch.Lt,. Ch.Sk.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 1

R-O 3


HD, ED: A, 0/0


Li Shepter



Obedience 2

Agility 2


HD, ED: A, 0/0




Agility 3

Obedience 2

R-O 3





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