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LR Litter


LI Shepter x Lucky Summer RAI

You can make plans, you can have your life arranged, but sometimes life has its own plans.

Someone smart once said that sometimes unplanned things can be the best.

So let me announce our Lia-Rai Litter.

As the ultrasound has shown 5-6 puppies and some females are already reserved

I will take reservations mostly for boys, and maybe 1 girl :)

All Rai's health checks (x-rays, DNA tests) will be available later, so all final decision about where puppies go will be made when we receive the results.

Rai is dna free from TNS and CEA after parents.


LIA - Li Shepter

Lucky Summer RAI

HD, ED A,0/0

MDR1 Normal

Heart clear

Eyes clear by parents


A2, Obedience 2


49.5cm, 13 kg


CEA, TNS -clear by parents


More health information soon :)


54.5cm, 19kg


Possible puppy coats:

Black & White, 25% chance for tricolour

Smooth coated, very small chance for long/medium coated


Previous litters:




videos of Lia's puppies:




Rai's videos:

Rai 2-4 months: https://youtu.be/KOuhsjCbE40

Short adventure with tunel : https://youtu.be/ohDDHblX9IM

Obedience - beginnings of heeling: https://youtu.be/RrWYnRVaAjw


Li's videos:

Lia 3mths: https://youtu.be/YH6fbplhmvs

Agility competition: https://youtu.be/gQOTJViTkis

Obedience competition: https://youtu.be/wcQOmSOUBfo


 Rai - Photos


LI - Photos


Kopiko Credo Shepter




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl., Ch.Lt.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 3

R-O 3

HIT (Sheep)

V-Ch Obedience Pl

PP Obedience 3rd


HD, ED: A, 0/0



Bubos Banka




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl.,

Ch.Lt,. Ch.Sk.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 1

R-O 3


HD, ED: A, 0/0


Li Shepter



Obedience 2

Agility 2


HD, ED: A, 0/0




Agility 3

Obedience 2

R-O 3





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