Bariguard Bekon DUST


DOB: 17.09.18
Breed: Mudi
Sex: Female
Color: BlackMerle
Tail: Long
Height: too young
Teeth: Full
Bite: Scissors
HD: too young
ED: too young
Eyes:    too young
Heart:   too young
Patella:   too young



Dust is a daughter of  my Bekon (KOPIKO Shepter) and She was born at Bariguard Kennel in Hungary.


She is a very funny mudi with 2 faces; on the one hand a very girlish type, on the other one very adult and serious. She can jump like a flea and be calm and stable like an old oak tree.


She has an amazing acceleration in sports. Like every classic mudi she is smart as hell ;)

From time to time she is positively crazy but usually she walks proudly on the ground.

Even though she is the softest of my mudis, from the beginning she has had great social skills

 (as all that litter when I saw them at age of 7 weeks!)

 When I took her I was amazed how well she fitted into the big city. She totally loves people and what's funnier people love her. In everyday life she totally ignores strange dogs and plays only with chosen ones.

 And what's best she doesn't bark too much, so yes, it's genetic and possible in mudi -
you for this Bekon and Eli! :D  




6 months social skills: https://youtu.be/xyKyKnf2ae8

9.5 weeks: https://youtu.be/4CULmaAp0i4











Kopiko Credo Shepter




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl., Ch.Lt.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 3

R-O 3

HIT (Sheep)

V-Ch Obedience Pl

PP Obedience 3rd


HD, ED: A, 0/0



Bubos Banka




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl.,

Ch.Lt,. Ch.Sk.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 1

R-O 3


HD, ED: A, 0/0


Li Shepter



Obedience 2

Agility 2


HD, ED: A, 0/0




Agility 3

Obedience 2

R-O 3





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