NEWS 2024



we have some BC plans for 2024 and 2025 - more info soon :)



2 Mudi boys after Dust and Jack



Mudi litter



2 Shepter pups at AWC 2023 !!!


 Let's Rock Ryujin Jakka Shepter   (Li Shepter x Lucky Summer Rai)

Ready2Rock Siou Shepter   (LZ Roz Shepter x Lucky Summer Rai)





More and more Shepter pups aren't puppies anymore and their sport successes are really impressive so I added the Shepter Successes page to highlight the most important of them



 Tai and Zavi puppies







Names of R2R3 puppies:


Ready2Rock 3 ODI Shepter

Ready2Rock 3 LENNOX Shepter

Ready2Rock 3 FALKA Shepter

Ready2Rock 3 SKAI Shepter

Ready2Rock 3 SHELBY Shepter

Ready2Rock 3 NUNYA BIZ Shepter




to all Shepter fans
 and Shepter family


2023 will be a very exciting year, I already cannot wait! Stay tuned!


We are entering the NY with great sport results of Rai's progeny... they are still so young and they already shine - I'm so proud of all Rai's pups

And the best is still before them.


Some sports results of the progeny of Lucky Summer RAI:


Tara x Rai  (15.03.2021)

- Izi advanced to OB 3

- Ryan advanced to OB 2

- Bruce advanced to OB 1


Fru x Rai  (07.06.2021)

- Gumba advanced to OB 2

- Just advanced to OB 2


Roz x Rai (17.08.2020)

- Fugee advanced to A3

- Siou advanced to A3

- Sam advanced to A2

- Slash advanced R-O3

- Misty advanced to A3

- Muku advanced to A2


Li x Rai 

- Tracy advanced to A3

- Tai advanced to R-O3

- Tia advanced to A3

- Jakka advanced to A3





After so many requests, Shepter Kennel finally has got its:


FB group

Shepter bc mudi Instagram


Feel free to follow us :D




Some successes of Shepter pups, so proud of them all!


Ready2Rock litter:

LZ ROZ Shepter x Lucky Summer RAI

- Misty advanced to A3

- Fugee advanced to A3

- Siou advanced to A3

- Sam advanced to A2

- Slash advanced to R-O3

- Muku advanced to A2


Let's Rise litter:

LI Shepter x Rising Sun Dark RAIDER

- Wia advanced to A2

- River advanced to A3

- Zozo advanced to G6

- Kai advanced to A3


LightZpeed & Light 2 Zpeed

Li Shepter x Why Not Zet My Queen:

- Why advanced to A2 and to OB2

- Keen advanced to A2

- Radio advanced to A2

- Lima A1

- Beetee A1

- Vane A0

- Sonic A0

- Roz R-O puppy champion


Let's Rock litter:

Li Shepter x Lucky Summer RAI

- Tracy advanced to A3, qualified for the Czech national championship

- Tai advanced to R-O3

- Tia advanced to A3

- Jakka advanced to A3



NEWS 2021

photo at 9.5 weeks


and individual names:

TZunami HATI Shepter, Poland      

TZunami RIO  Shepter, Estonia       

TZunami TENZING Shepter, USA  

TZunami FRUIT Shepter, Germany 

TZunami TED Shepter, Belgium       

TZunami ...  Shepter



7 weeks pictures

for more info see TZunami litter page




New Video of the puppies


New photos of 3-week-old Tai x Zen puppies


Some outstanding videos of Rai's progeny have been added to RAI's webpage :) 



New puppies at Shepter Kennel

after Tai (Rai's daughter) and Zen

for more info see TZunami litter page


1 tri girl and 5 black and white boys.

All smooth

Some boys are searching for sporty and loving homes :)




New names of ROZ RAI puppies:

Ready2Rock 2 Eevee Shepter

Ready2Rock 2 Sunna Shepter

Ready2Rock 2 Floki Shepter



Some new litter plans - Tai and Zen <3



Cannot wait to see the puppies from our latest litter plans.

Some people are already on the waiting list for girls,
we are now taking reservations for boys only :)




We have some great news:


Some of health results of the children from the first Roz x Rai litter are already here:


Misty: HD,ED, Spine, OCD - free 

Siou: HD,ED, Spine, OCD - free 

Fugee: HD A, ED 0/0, OCD Free



Official health results of Li x Rai puppies:


LR JAKKA Shepter - HD A, ED 0/0, OCD Free,

LR TAI Shepter - HD A, ED 0/0, OCD Free,

LR TIA Shepter - HD B, ED 0/0, OCD Free, Spine ok,

LR TRACY Shepter - HD A, ED 0/0, OCD Free,




Another amazing Rally-O competition with 4 excellents for Tai, Bekon, Li and Dust.

More detailed results soon...





Li and Rai passed their NHAT exams :D




My Excellent Four on a windy but sunny Sunday

At a Rally-O competition these 4 of Shepter gang got excellent marks in class 1 <3


LI Shepter -max points

Lucky Summer RAI - max points

LR TAI Shepter

Bariguard Bekon DUST


And today Li and Rai also advanced to class 2 :D

<3 So proud of all the doggies <3




We have been busy a bit but we are catching up already :)


Roz-Rai litter now have their own page in the litter section


and below are the official names of the Lia-Zet litter puppies:











Amazing girls Riz and Gemz:



NEWS 2020


Lia and Zet litter got a new webpage :)


Beginning of 6th week



Li Shepter x Why Not Zet My Queen


5 boys (BW & Tricolours), 2 girls



 Rai Obedience training:




Do It Astra Shepter

Do It Shadow Shepter



Li Shepter x Why Not Zet My Queen

Puppies on board :D















A lot has been going on here:


Dust’s mating was one big adventure and I still can’t believe that the ultrasound revealed 2 little beans <3


Rai took 2nd place with an excellent grade at an Obedience competition, thus receiving a promotion to class 1


In Rally-O, Li and Rai had a total of 4 Excellent runs, some of them with podium places, while Rai and his team took a podium place at the Polish "Rally-O school and club competition Championship 2020"


Bekon celebrated his 10th birthday


Puppies after Roz & Rai are growing nicely and already have names :D

Ready to Rock Muku Shepter

Ready to Rock Dark Shepter

Ready to Rock Siou Shepter

Ready to Rock Fugee Shepter

Ready to Rock Slash Shepter

Ready to Rock Sam Shepter


Li’s kids from litters with Raider and Zet already start in competitions, some of their runs can be found at FB profiles of their owners


Rai’s eyes have just been tested by vet they are clear

And, last but not least, a beautiful showcase image of Rai, courtesy of Klaudia Szymanska





After 10 years our Kennel is planning the 2nd Mudi litter



LZ Littter (Lia x Zet) celebrate their 2nd birthday :) Enjoy their agility movie <3






 New health results of Dust:

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD Free

Patella clear by Vet, Heart OK



Because of the Covid situation some of our puppy plans have been preponed  to early autumn <3



Agility video of Rai: https://youtu.be/TRjmqrg4VfA

new pictures of  Rai


Agility video of Roz: https://youtu.be/6SjIbCVkkPw

Agility video of Li: https://youtu.be/RSVSFfLVDNU

Agility video of Dust: https://youtu.be/SUtX42bEIbM


These 2 handsome boys have had their spines x-rayed: Bekon at age of 9 and Rai at age of 2, and both are clear


 Li took 2x2place at ByeByeWinter agility competition

And she advanced to Class A3 as well.



We have another portion of news! And more is to be expected in 2020 :)


Agility video of  Wia:

Agility video of  Kai:


LZ ROZ Shepter health results: HDA, ED 0/0, OCD Free


Dust became Polish Junior Champion and Polish Junior Winner'19




At 10 months of age LZ Lima Shepter passed Spanish socialization and obedience test required for competing in agility.


Rogue (Bekon's daughter) passed her social behaviour test soon after her 1st birthday.



Some of Bekon's progeny excpect litters in 2020 - I'm so happy that his genes will go on giving happiness to other people.


NEWS 2019


All puppies already have their own names :D

and soon they will go to new homes

 Let me introduce LR Shepter Litter:



LET'S ROCK TRACY Shepter              

LET'S ROCK TIA Shepter                    

LET'S ROCK TAIKA Shepter               

LET'S ROCK TOSH Shepter                




We have so many good news


Health results:

Lucky Summer RAI 

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD Free
DNA: MDR1, TNS, CEA, IGS, NCL, SN, GG all Normal

Rai is LL, which means that all his progeny will be smooth haired.


Sport results:

"Bekon" Kopiko Shepter got the Rally-O Chanpionship title.

His daughter "Dust" Bariguard Bekon Dust finished her Puppy Champioship twice - once with me, once with my boyfriend :D

"Roz" LZ Roz Shepter also finished her Puppy Championship :D


Dogs Shows results:

Kopiko Shepter finished his Veteran Champion title at the beginning of 2019

and also took the 1st place in the "Polish Top Dog" dogshow ranking 2018

"Kali" Irhaberki Bubos Banka ranked 3rd :)

Dust started her Junior Championship on CACIB dogshow in Kraków


LIA-RAI Puppies arrived!


A sports Border Collie litter planned for summer 2019. More info soon.


Rai and Dust have their own profile pages


Son of Li, LR KAI Shepter took the 1st place with the best time at an agility competition.


New photos of Li's children:



the picture galleries can be found at the bottom of litter pages :)


Son of Bekon (Kopiko Shepter) and Elizabeth: Bariguard-Bekon Magneto "Mike"

was awarded the "Best Puppy" and "Club Winner" titles at his first dogshow in Hungary.




This fall we are waiting for Bekon's next puppies, this time in the USA

Keep your fingers crossed for the next generation of great mudis!


NEWS 2018

Lia and Zet's puppies


Bekon's offspring in Hungary:



17 September in Hungary 7 puppies (5 girls and 2 boys) After Queen Elizabeth and my Bekon were born

2 September   5 Border Collie puppies after  Lia & Zet were born <3



We are pleased to announce  Border Collie Puppy plans:




We've got some mudi-news for you

Check out Planned Puppies



At the end of May Lia's first litter had their 1st birthday.

Happy Birthday my sweethearts!





Li - Agility competition



Li - Agility training




At an agility competition in January Li took podium places 3 times:

2x3rd place and 1x2nd place




NEWS 2017




Obedience Battle: Mudi vs BorderCollie

-Distance control - locked front-



At Polish National Championship Bekon took 2nd place in A3 for 21 dogs.

 The best son ever


At the beginning of October, at an agility competition in Kielce, Lia advanced to A2 :)



Lia and Bekon's 1st real agility training after a break:





Time to say goodbye and time to say hello to new adventures !

Time flies definitely too fast. From small hamsters to little piranhas. I wish you, you little Shepters, everything the best in your new path of life. Lots of happy days and lots of gold medals ♛ And you, my dear owners, have fun with my precious treasures, catch every breath with every day with them. You are great owners and I wish you the same fun and pleasure with Riv, Kai,Zofia and Wia that I have had with Lia

All the best and lots of kisses to all of you ❤



I love these puppies, their courage, their moves,

their passion for playing, the fact they've been using pads since they were 3 weeks old.

 And that's just the beginning of their way <3

Lia and Raider litter presents:




5 weeks old


3 weeks old



Puppies arrived :)

On 28.04.2017 five puppies were born after Li and Raider

3 girls and 2 boys

Li and the amazing five feel great :)







Happy Easter Shepter Fans :)




Lia and Raider on a date :)





Great news for the start of 2017. At age of six, the eyes of Kopiko
 are still clear from cataract, PRA etc.




NEWS 2016


A little forgotten Lia's video from September/October agility competitions

I could talk how much I love her tight turns, her speed

and her light and tireless way of jumping

 over and over again <3


Enjoy Lia's video to the rhythm of Sia:





Li Shepter officially advanced to Class 2 in Obedience !

On 23.10.2016  she got Excellent mark in Class 1,

with the 1st place and 312 points :)




On 16 October at an Obedience competition, my Funny-Bunny-Lia,

with her tail wagging happily and two barks,

took the 3rd place out of 17 dogs

with excellent mark and 275 points in class 1 :)


Video from the competition:







Planned Puppies 2017


We are happy to announce a planned Border Collie litter:

LI Shepter x Rising Sun DARK RAIDER

Puppies planned in 2017, for sport homes only.

For more information check out our "Puppies" page






September was a month of Agility competitions

Li's achievements after 3 agi competitions

In Stare Babice Lia got her 2nd 'leg' to A2

Płock/Łąck - 3rd place in AO





Kopiko finalized his last start in class R-O 3 taking the 1st place and
achieving the R3 Rally Championship title



Li has started officially competing in agility:


Agility competition Warsaw:

1st place in J0

 2nd place in A0

2nd place in J0+A0


Agility competition Legnickie Pole:

3rd place in LA1


Li's speeds from the above competition :)


Warsaw 9-10.07.2016:
A0 - 6,13m/s
J0 - 5,21m/s
J0 - 5,75m/s


LP 16-17.07.2016:
A1 - 5,76m/s
A1 - 5,32m/s
JO - 5,29m/s


Li's competition video





How time flies... in March Raja turned 11,

while in May Kali turned 9 and Li 2 ♥


Here are the official health results of Li Shepter:



ED 0/0



In March, a little Shepter meeting took place :)

Bekon(son) Kali(mommy) Buki(daughter)


In reality Buki turned out to be as fast as in the videos;

I'm very happy that she belongs to the small group of the fastest mudis


Little (38 cm) and fast as a bullet Kabuki Banka Shepter:


Perfect sport siblings:
Bekon - Kopiko Shepter (Ob 3, A3)
Buki - Kabuki Shepter  (A3)



In April Li and I went to a seminar with Martina Klimesova.

While Li was training her agility skills,

Kali met her sister Kiki (Agility World Champion)




I've always thought that my mudis' zones were finished very fast, but Li did them in a spectacularly short time. So short, that it seems unimaginable. And the result looks like that:







Kopiko Credo Shepter




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl., Ch.Lt.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 3

R-O 3

HIT (Sheep)

V-Ch Obedience Pl

PP Obedience 3rd


HD, ED: A, 0/0



Bubos Banka




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl.,

Ch.Lt,. Ch.Sk.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 1

R-O 3


HD, ED: A, 0/0


Li Shepter



Obedience 2

Agility 2


HD, ED: A, 0/0




Agility 3

Obedience 2

R-O 3





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